The new reality television show 'Sister Wives' debuted on TLC last night (26th September 2010) and the series started with a bang. The show documents the life of a polygamist family living in Utah, and in particular 'Kody Brown', a man who lives with his three wives and their thirteen children. Despite premiering yesterday, the show is already diving opinion, with People Magazine stating that "Some viewers may turn the channel in horror, others won't be able to look away".
As head of the family, Kody attempts to keep his unorthodox life a secret from the outside world, as well as trying to deal with the financial and emotional pressures of running his ever-expanding household. Kody has three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, and the first episode of the show revealed how 'Robyn', a 31-year-old woman with three children to another husband, is set to become his fourth wife. The New York Magazine said of the show, "Kody comes across as the happiest surfer dude of a polygamist you will ever meet, the kids are performatively adorable; and the wives insist on their own normalcy".
'Sister Wives' is set to run for an initial seven episodes on TLC.