A documentary tragic TLC star LISA 'LEFT EYE' LOPES filmed shortly before her death in 2002 is set to air. The VH1 film, shot in Honduras a week before the hip-hop star died in a car accident, features an eerie encounter between vultures and Lopes at the very spot where she would die. Sister 2 Sister editor JAMIE FOSTER BROWN, who provided audio tape interviews with Lopes for the TV special THE LAST DAYS OF LEFT EYE, has seen the documentary and insists it will completely change how the world sees the WATERFALLS singer. She says, "In the end, she always wanted to be naked in the forest with the animals. "You see her there with the animals, innocent, sweet, precious. She's one of the sweet angels God put on this earth too soon." But it's the vulture encounter and other weird coincidences that will haunt viewers when the documentary airs in America next month (OCT06). Foster Brown adds, "Left Eye always felt there was a spirit following her. A week before her death by the roadside, she saw vultures feeding at the spot where she would ultimately die. "The first week down there, she was riding in a car that accidentally killed a little Honduran boy, whose last name was Lopez. Left Eye somehow felt that the spirit of death meant to get her, made a mistake and got the little boy instead."