Tito Jackson's son TJ had a ''sixth sense'' his mother had died.

The 63-year-old singer lost his wife Delores 'Dee Dee' Jackson in August 1994, and the musician's 39-year-old child has revealed he had a feeling in his head that his parent had passed away and ''wasn't with us'' anymore.

Speaking on ABC News' '2020' about the tragic news, which will be aired on Friday (15.09.17), TJ said: ''I just had a sixth sense in my head, as if I knew already it was terrible and I knew already that my mother wasn't with us.''

And Tito's youngest child has admitted the day Dee Dee died is the ''worst memory'' any child can hold.

He added: ''It was just a nightmare. It's like a kid's worst memory.''

And the Jackson Five band member - who also has sons Taryll, 42, and Taj, 44 - split from his late partner one year before her death, but he still felt the entire ordeal was ''just horrifying'' and a very ''sad moment'' in his life.

The 'I Want You Back' hitmaker said: ''[His sons] said, 'Mom is dead.' ''It was just a sad moment, you know. It was just horrifying.''

Tito and Dee Dee were married for over 20 years before they decided to divorce, but when the star found out about her death the entire family have revealed alarm bells started to ring as to how she died.

Tito said: ''My first question was, 'Drown?' What was she doing in the water?. You know, because Dee Dee and I, neither of us swam.''

Taj added: ''That didn't line up with anything that we believed in knowing our mom and knowing how much she feared the pool.''

And 13 years later the Jackson family are still ''learning'' how to cope with the loss as they still feel heartbroken.

TJ said: ''To this day, I'm learning how to deal with it. But the pain is still there.''