Actress Tippi Hedren will be taking part in a Global March for Lions on Saturday (12Mar14) as animal rights activists in Los Angeles links up with their counterparts in 40 cities around the world to protest against big cat breeders.

The Birds star, who is the president of the Roar Foundation charity she founded in 1983 and the woman behind the Shambala Preserve big cat sanctuary in rural California, will be speaking at the L.A. event, which will take place at the La Brea Tar Pits.

A statement from Hedren reads: "We will expose deplorable canned lion hunting, where lions are bred and raised in captivity only to be shot and killed by people who pay big money for the thrill of murdering these majestic animals. Contrary to common belief, lions are endangered in the wild. There were 200,000 lions in the wild 50 years ago. Today there are about 20,000. We will demand the strongest protection for lions in the wild."

The actress' Shambala Preserve has rescued over 230 big cats since 1972 and Hedren is currently fighting to get the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act passed into law. The legislation will make the breeding of exotic cats in captivity illegal.