Tippi Hedren insisted on meeting Sienna Miller before she began filming a new Alfred Hitchcock biopic as she wanted the British actress to portray her as "an extremely strong young woman".
Miller was cast as Hedren in upcoming drama The Girl, which tells the story of how horror filmmaker Hitchcock became increasingly obsessed with his leading lady while filming his classic thriller The Birds.
The director is said to have eavesdropped on her phone conversations, picked out her clothing and pursued her relentlessly, but Hedren was adamant that Miller should not portray her as "a victim".
The veteran star explains, "It was important we met so I could explain my background and what sort of a person I am.
"I didn't want her to play me as a victim. Hitchcock put me through hell, pure hell, but I got out. I was an extremely strong young woman."
Playing Hedren in The Girl, which is due to hit screens in September (12), will be Miller's first role since giving birth to her first child, a daughter named Marlowe, earlier this month (Jul12).