Tinie Tempah was worried his album 'Demonstration' would have more American references than British.

The 24-year-old rapper - real name is Patrick Okogwu - had spent so much time in Los Angeles promoting his debut 'Disco-Overy' he found himself writing tracks with American words, spurring him to return to his native London to finish the album.

He said: ''I actually made it in a tiny studio in Greenwich, London. I started it in Los Angeles, but after spending so much time there, I found I was changing. Sometimes English words like 'Hoover', they wouldn't know what I was talking about and I'd start saying 'vacuum cleaner'. I'm an English rapper, and I could have ended up writing a song with more American references than British.''

The star admits despite loving the US, he feels more at home in the UK because as he feels Americans aren't as straight talking.

He explained to GQ magazine online: ''It's a parallel world. There's an amazing energy, loads of fruit juice and health drinks, and everyone's really happy. London is not like that. People are a lot more blunt and honest. I felt like, when I was recording, there were a lot of Yes Men.

''People thought, 'This guy's done well, let's tell him everything sounds great.' I had a lot recorded and I just thought, 'Screw this, I've got to go home, where people are more real.' ''