The British singer and rapper has garnered a reputation for his ability to mix formal attire and streetwear and has been a prominent figure at the London Menswear Collections for several years.

And the music star can now put the title of designer under his belt, after debuting a new label called What We Wear at the British Fashion Council Show Space on Saturday (07Jan17).

"Once I got a little bit of know-how and expertise I thought I would see what I could do," he told of the inspiration behind starting his first collection. "I don't want people to think I'm stylish just for wearing other people's clothes."

The line features two-tone collarless jackets, sheer white shirts worn over black T-shirts, trackpants, and baseball shorts. At the fashion presentation, male models walked the runway as musicians played classical music in the background, and all garments were showcased with plain black or white sneakers to further enhance the sportswear vibe.

With regards to the first collection, the 28-year-old describes his theme as a mix between his own style and the everyday modern man. He also has plans to design a unisex line on the future.

"To be honest with you I see myself as a creative," he said. "When you are a musician you become defined by what you do, and being a rapper as well you become defined. I've hated the idea of being defined as one thing."

The line launches in April on the Not Letting Go performer's website, with prices ranging $73 (£60) for a T-shirt and $603 (£491) for a jacket.