Tinie Tempah wants to look ''fashion-forward'' on stage.

The 'Children of the Sun' rapper is gearing up to embark on his UK tour later this month and has hinted his custom-made wardrobe will be his most daring yet.

He teased in an interview with heat magazine: ''It's a pretty extensive one. We've got some bespoke outfits, which are amazing, unique and fashion-forward looking.''

The 25-year-old star has the final say in all his looks, even though his stylist contacts his favourite labels for him.

Tinie said: ''I'm very involved with my wardrobe. Of course, I have a stylist. For me, a stylist has the access to stuff. So if I say to them, I want something from this brand, they are the mediator who make it happen for me. I choose everything I wear.''

The style-savvy singer is a front row regular at London Fashion Week and has spawned copycat trends thanks to his geek chic glasses and funky blazers, but he insists he doesn't always get it right when it comes to fashion.

Tinie added: ''There's been some pretty bad things. The time I worse Evisu roll-up jeans with big leather pockets going down the front of them... I look back and think, 'Hmm'. Also, one time I wore a cream, velour, oversized tracksuit.''