Tinie Tempah says ''looking sharp'' comes ''naturally'' to him.

The 'Girls Like' hitmaker has confessed that he actually thinks his edgy style is just how he likes to dress and as so happens to make him worthy of titles such as GQ magazine's Best Dressed Man and he thinks it stems from his mother always treating him like he was royalty as a kid.

Speaking to the latest issue of NME magazine, he admitted: ''I'm not gonna lie, it does come quite naturally. Even when I was a little kid, my mum always treated me like a prince. I'm her first son, one of four.''

The 28-year-old rapper - who set up his own record and fashion label Disturbing London Records in 2007 - is known for his trademark bow ties and, although he hasn't been wearing them of late he said they will likely make a return as he has an entire cupboard full of them and other items too.

Asked if it is the end of his bow tie-wearing days, he said: ''No, the dicky bows are not necessarily done - they could make a comeback at any time.

''I've got a dicky bow cupboard. I've got a sunglasses cupboard, watch cupboard, blazer cupboard, everything.''

Tinie said previously that he believes regardless of what job he was to have, whether he was in the spotlight or was a cleaner, he would ''one million per cent'' make sure he dressed well and looked the best he could.

Speaking about his style choices, the dark-haired hunk - who was named the Best Dressed Man at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in 2012 - said: ''A million per cent. Even if I was emptying dustbins! Whatever job I did, I'd always try to be the most dapper.''

The dark-haired hunk is currently living in the home, which previously belonged to the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen who died in 2010.

And the vocalist believes there is a ''creative energy'' in his apartment, which has lead him to add unusual furnishings, including a zebra model, to the East London accommodation.

He explained: ''I brought a zebra to add to it, a few bits and bobs. Like there this creative energy in the house, and I've absorbed some of it. People around there still talk about Lee he didn't live in a bubble.''