Tinie Tempah can't wait to perform live with Dizzee Rascal.

The rapper is hoping to showcase 'Moshpit' - a track on his second studio, 'Demonstration' - with the 'Bonkers ' hitmaker when he tours.

Tinie claims he was overwhelmed by Dizzee's contribution to the song, as he has idolised the star from a young age.

He told Kiss FM UK: ''There's a tune that I've made specifically for performing called, 'Moshpit' and it feature's Dizzee Rascal - he killed it, he killed the tune completely! He sounds like boy in the corner Dizzee, original Dizzee, how I heard Dizzee when I was 12 years old and that was a really big moment for me. So, to finally get him on this record after all this time is a big deal, when we perform it, hopefully we can do it together and it's gonna be great.''

Tinie also expressed his disappointment after failing to land collaborations with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and Adele, who has been on a two year hiatus from the music industry.

The 24-year-old musician explained: ''Whenever I start anything, I have a big wish list of anything I would want on the album, and If I'm honest I did want Adele and Chris Martin to be on the record and both of those things didn't happen ... but I was able to speak to them throughout the whole process and get good advice from each person about different things.''

Tinie sought expert advice from many of his musical friends to make sure his album sounded the best it possibly could.

He added: ''Adele was very helpful when it came to the track list and what she thought would keep people engaged and Chris Martin was very helpful with what tracks he liked and what he thought was good.''

Meanwhile Tinie praised Kanye West's production skills and hopes to work with the 'New Slaves' rapper in future.

He added:'' I would probably wanna work with Kanye West. I think he is amazing and I've always loved him. I think he's a great producer, great talent and that would be amazing for me.''