Tinie Tempah didn't want to rush his album 'Demonstration'.

The 24-year-old rapper - whose real name is Patrick Okogwu - admits he took extra time to complete his upcoming second collection because he was busy writing more tracks in case they turned out to be better.

Speaking to GQ magazine, he said: ''Chris Martin told me, 'When you finish an album, write a couple more songs and see what comes out'.

''So that's exactly what I did. At the end of the day, it's art. Nobody ever rushes a painter, or writer. No one's rushing JK Rowling or E.L. James!''

The star admits his technique as an artist has changed since his first release 'Disco-Overy' because he's been through more life experiences that he had done previously, but he's over the moon that he is classed in the same success bracket as award-winning Adele and Chris Martin.

He explained: ''When I made the first album, because I'd never been anywhere, I just spoke about what I knew.

''Now, I hear myself being referred to in the same sentence as Adele or Chris Martin and I'm so chuffed.

''There are so many great rappers here and the new album's a manual on how to transcend the underground and get international success, how to write a song and to sell it.''