Tinashe wishes ''genres would die''.

The 'Slumber Party' singer's music has been criticised over the years for being too much of one style, and she thinks it's time people stopped pigeonholing artists because no one should feel boxed into a corner creatively.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, she said: ''I think genres should just die.

''As a human being, you don't limit yourself to being one thing or other; I don't think people think of themselves in that way.

''It's the same for how I present my music, how I listen to music, how I dress, how I live my life. It's not black and white. Who you are is actually much more complex.''

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old singer - who released her long-awaited third studio LP 'Joyride' on Friday (13.04.18) - has admitted she was ''shocked'' as to how few women work behind the scenes in the music industry.

She said: ''When I first got on the scene I was honestly shocked that I could work for a whole year with hundreds of engineers and producers and not one would be another woman. We need to see more representation.''

The 'All My Friends' hitmaker says she's never faced sexism before, but admits there is much to be done for music to follow a #MeToo style movement like the rest of the entertainment world.

She said: ''Mostly it's people's perceptions of what it means to be a female artist and how you deal with your sexuality and people respecting your creative opinion. I haven't had any straight-up, very outwardly sexist experiences in the music industry; I've been very lucky. Maybe one session where I had to walk out where I was uncomfortable. But for the most part I've worked with really great people. The issue is really a systemic, cultural one that impacts across the board.''