Tina Turner has slammed today's younger singers for their skimpy outfits and raunchy images.

The WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT singer, 65, believes many of the females topping the charts today are relying on their bodies far too much to sell records.

She says, "It has become too much about sex. When I worked with my dancers, we wore short dresses, but we were well covered, and we cared about our moves.

"Now, it's spread-eagle right out in front. Imagine trying to send out a message when you're tattooed and your dress is up to here. It's not about putting out a great song that will actually inspire people; it's about who's very hot and very new and who will go the furthest."

She adds, "I know there's a lot of young talent out there, even if their influences aren't good enough. And the ones who have that talent will find a way to get it out there."

02/02/2005 21:17