Tina Turner is considering coming back out of retirement for a one-off concert in New York City - after much protesting from her pal Oprah Winfrey.

The SIMPLY THE BEST singer stepped away from the spotlight a number of years ago to lead a more laidback lifestyle in Switzerland and France.

But after re-emerging to promote her greatest hits album ALL THE BEST, Turner admits she likes the idea of headlining a stadium show just one more time.

She says, "I'm beginning to think about another way of doing (the show). I don't want them to say, 'Well, she can't do it like she used to!' I'm thinking about it."

Winfrey adds, "I know I'm putting her on the spot, but I don't care. Tina had said a couple of years ago she was gonna hang up her MANOLO BLAHNIKS. When I saw (her) on the stage... (I thought,) 'That is so hot.'

"People need to feel that just one more time... We all agree New York City's a major city. And we could all just get on the bus and go there... I think I almost got a commitment."

07/02/2005 02:57