ANKER BOYE, the Mayor of Odense and the man in charge of Denmark's HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN bicentenary celebrations, has quit his post after rock queen Tina Turner's staggeringly expensive appearance proved a flop.

Turner, 65, demanded $1 million (GBP540,000) to perform two of her hits - WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? and SIMPLY THE BEST - at the Copenhagen concert last month (APR05).

But the singer's fee has added to a catalogue of financial blows to the budget of the extravaganza - particularly as the public were seemingly disinterested in Turner, resulting in disastrous ticket sales.

Danish Culture Minister BRIAN MIKKELSEN has attacked Boye for making the wrong decisions regarding the event.

He fumes, "Plainly the wrong arrangement has been made if too much money has been spent and the state-sponsored project yields a deficit."

Boyes, whose Mayoral duties cover the area of Andersen's birth, says, "I am leaving my post following the harsh criticisms against my person, which has detracted from what is really important: the Anderson festivities."

01/06/2005 13:45