Tina Fey has urged her daughters to become writers, not actresses.

The '30 Rock' creator has revealed that she will encourage her two girls - Alice, seven, and 22-month-old Penelope - to pursue a behind the scenes career if they want to follow in her footsteps in TV because she thinks writing is just as important as acting.

Speaking to HELLO! magazine, she said: ''I once showed Alice a clip from the Broadway production of a 'Little Mermaid'. About five seconds in, she pointed to one of the actresses saying, 'I want to be her!'

''I was saying, 'Oh no honey, you don't want to be her, you want to be the person who writes the lines she says!' ''

When asked what she tells her girls about her professional life, Tina said: ''That it's at least as interesting to be working behind the scenes as it is in front of them.''

The 'Mean Girls' writer and star believes she has former United States governor Sarah Palin - who became a notorious figure in the 2008 presidential election - to thank for her success in Hollywood because they look so much alike.

Tina decided to perform skits as Palin on sketch show 'Saturday Night Live', which made her a household name.

She reminisced: ''I happened to be in the right place at the right time to progress in 'Saturday Night Live', then a giant piece of luck came along in that I happen to look like Sarah Palin. There's no way you could have predicted that something like that could've happened to me.''