Tina Fey once accidentally text Anna Wintour who ''politely ignored her''.

During a game of 'Never Have I Ever' with her 'Wine Country' cast mates Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell and Rachel Dratch for PEOPLE, Tina confessed that she once ''accidentally'' messaged the Vogue editor-in-chief who never got back to her.

When asked ''never have I ever drunk texted a celebrity'', the '30 Rock' star said: ''I think I once accidentally - not drunk - I accidentally texted Anna Wintour''.

'Parks and Recreation' star Amy, 47, then mused: ''Tina has Anna Wintour's number in her phone?''

Maya, 46, quickly asked: ''Who did you think you were texting?''

The 'Mean Girls' actress explained: ''I don't remember. Somebody else named Anna, I don't know. We are not close. But she's lovely.''

Tina added: ''I forget [what she said] but it was politely ignored''.

'Wine Country' - which is available to stream on Netflix May 10 - is Amy's directorial debut and inspired by a real-life girls' trip the stars took to celebrate Rachel's 50th birthday.

Amy previously admitted her cast have been working towards this film for a long time due to their appearances in each other's projects and work on 'Saturday Night Live'.

She said: ''To be in control and start and finish a project from beginning to end. That's what turns me on right now.

''I like to brag that we had 20 years of rehearsal basically. A lot of my work [as a director] was slowing everybody down, reminding them that they didn't have to come in and score.

''Because these ladies are assassins. They parachute in to other people's movies and they're the funniest part of the movie. They just kill. But many of them have not necessarily been in the entirety of a movie, with a continuing arc that we're going to stick with.''