Tina Fey has admitted that an 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' movie is ''definitely a possibility'' in the future.

After four seasons, the wacky Netflix sitcom has come to an end, but luckily for fans of the comedy show the programme's co-creator Tina has revealed that although she can't give away many details a film is definitely on the cards.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 48-year-old comedian and her co-writer Robert Carlock have been instructed by the streaming service to be ''coy'' about the potential big screen project but it is happening.

The series follows Ellie Kemper's Kimmy, as she navigates her way through New York City after being rescued from an underground bunker where she's been kept by an insane preacher for 15 years, forming an unlikely friendship with Titus [Tituss Burgess], a garish aspiring actor and Jaqueline [Jane Krakowski] a rich housewife losing her grip on reality.

However, the '30 Rock' actress claimed that if a movie did happen, ''it would be a freestanding thing.''

And Robert told the publication: ''We believe there are more stories to tell, and hopefully there will be an announcement about that soon.''

This isn't the first time the 'Mean Girls' writer has spoken of an independent movie and insisted that if they're ''lucky enough'' to make a film, they would use existing character arcs.

She previously said: ''If we're lucky enough to get to do the movie, I think it would be a stand-alone idea. So we were able to complete some arcs for our characters in the upcoming half of the season.''

Robert added: ''At the same time, we knew that there were threads and themes in the show best suited to the scale and scope of a feature. For example, did Titus ever purchase that box of capes from the medical supply store?''