30 ROCK star Tina Fey has vowed to be "less vulgar and more Christian" in 2008, after her gynaecologist scolded her for calling Paris Hilton a "tranny" (transvestite). The funnywoman is embarrassed about her rant on U.S. shock jock Howard Stern's radio show - during which she also called the socialite a "piece of s**t". But now Fey is determined to clean up her act, and her mouth. She tells Gotham magazine, "Maybe an attempt at a less vulgar life. Less cursing, less bile. I sort of got into trouble last year - I went on Howard Stern and ran my mouth a little bit about Paris Hilton. Not only was that not the right way for a 37-year-old to behave, but I went to my gynaecologist for my yearly check-up and she was like, 'I read that thing in the paper. That was very hostile. Are you all right?' "(I'll be) less vulgar, more Christian."