Comedienne Tina Fey has been blamed for the Republican party's recent slip in the polls ahead of the U.S. presidential election, after impersonating vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin on comedy sketch series Saturday Night Live.
According to a recent poll taken by the Washington Times, the "Tina Fey effect" has turned supporters off the Alaskan governor and her running-mate, presidential candidate John MCCain.
Political scientist Jerald Podair tells the New York Post: "Presidential impersonators do influence elections, and in this one, Tina Fey is well on her way to ruining Sarah Palin's political career. In a political culture that takes its cues from popular culture, a good impersonator may be worth a million votes.
"The parodies may have done a bit of damage. People remember Gerald Ford through the prism of Chevy Chase. Ford was among our most athletic presidents, and he had a wide-ranging knowledge of public-policy issues. But because of SNL, many came to think of him as a buffoon."
But the reviews have yet to effect Palin's own praise of Fey, with rumours still swirling the politician will make a cameo alongside the comedienne on the show.
Earlier this month (Oct08), Palin told reporters she would be open to make an appearance, adding: "I love her, she's a hoot (fun) and she's so talented. It would be fun to meet her, imitate her and keep on giving her new material."