Tina Dico Announces New Album 'Whispers' Out In The UK August 25th 2014

Tina Dico Announces New Album 'Whispers' Out In The UK August 25th 2014

Released on Finest Gramophone on August 25th, Tina Dico's new album Whispers had a very different inception to Dico's previous recorded works.  Asked to compose the soundtrack for the Danish film 'En du elsker', Dico's songwriting found a new direction and focus, which in turn provided the catalyst for Whispers.

Finding a "liberation and honesty in being able to simplify my music", Dico took five songs from the film and used them as a template for her new album.  This ethos is writ large across Whispers with Dico's haunting yet warm vocal at its core and a less-is-more approach in terms of production.

"It's funny how in music - as well as life - it's all about learning and perfecting our skills, and then afterwards un-learning them in order to more intuitively and emotionally access what's really important," she says.

For album opener The Woman Downstairs Dico had the film's leading character in mind - "an older man singing to a woman downstairs" - and found a new candour by writing this way.  She found she liked "the ambiguity of singing a love song to a woman" and it freed her up to "intuitively let the music go where it wants to, it makes for an amazing flow." Her themes are universal. Love, loss and its repercussions, apology and repentance.  Someone You Love, the first song to be showcased from the album is a song about the latter - "At times I've held back, but I see now what it means to give yourself unconditionally - to someone you love."

Dico's current home in Iceland with its stunning and unique landscapes provides further inspiration. Of Drifting, a forthcoming single, she says - "I live by the ocean now, it's the first thing I see in the morning. The grandeur of nature here gives me a piece of mind that feels like the a whole new source for songwriting." The title track is co-written with Dico's musical partner Helgi Jonsson.  "It's a dark song about feeling numb, having lost touch with all ideas of beauty and profound love in life.  There's so little room for subtlety and frailty in our lives today. Everyone is screaming..whatever happened to whispering?"

The recipient of many accolades and with several chart topping albums to her name in her native Denmark, Dico has always dug deep emotionally often responding to wherever she's called home - be it Denmark, London or Iceland - but on Whispers it's clear she has found a new voice. 

Whispers is released on August 25th and Tina will headline London's Shepherds Bush Empire on November 29th.