Timothy Spall was forced to hang two close friends of his son in new movie PIERREPOINT, and he admits the experience was unsettling. The British actor plays ALBERT PIERREPOINT, in the real-life story of Britain's most prolific executioner. Pierrepoint was called upon to execute Nazi war criminals at the Belsen concentration camp following the Luneberg Trial in 1946, two of whom were played by pals of his actor son RAFE. Spall says, "The Belsen scenes were hard work - in the first three days, I'd hanged 12 people including two young actors who are both friends of my son. "Putting a noose around the neck of someone you know well you can't imagine what it's like. "The execution chamber was an exact replica. It was uncanny and macabre. The whole thing was very affecting. "The director, writer and I all felt we were channelling into something very unsettling." Director Adrian Shergold adds, "Because we shot all the executions in one go, each felt like an emotional journey. Every time the trap dropped, I'd think, 'F**k me!'"