British actor Timothy Spall developed a love for sailing after spending hours reading maritime-themed magazines as he battled cancer in 1996.
The Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire star was diagnosed with leukaemia 14 years ago, but he has since been in remission.
Spall became fascinated with the pastime while he was bedridden in hospital, and promised his wife, Shane, that if he recovered from the illness, he would reward himself by buying a boat.
And now he's become such an avid sailor, he's filmed a British TV show, titled Timothy Spall: Somewhere At Sea, which follows him on a boating journey exploring the British coastline with his wife.
He says, "It was 1996, and I was seriously ill dealing with leukaemia. I started reading boating magazines, and I said to Shane, 'If and when I get over this, darling, we're going to get two things: a Rolls Royce and a boat'. And as soon as I was out of hospital, we got an electric-blue Rolls Royce, which broke down every five minutes, and a boat. I started to feel the call of the sea."