Actor Timothy Hutton was such a special child that a team of ghostbusters once used him as a conduit to the dead. The Beautiful Girls star's mother was fascinated with one husband-and-wife team of ghost hunters and took her young son to a lecture they hosted. Throughout the bizarre event, the wife of the team couldn't take her eyes of Hutton, who was eight at the time. He recalls, "The whole time I was sitting there watching the woman, she was just staring at me non-stop. "I tried to get as low as I could into my chair and she would just move her chair so she could see me. It was quite frightening. "When the lecture was over she goes up to my mother and asks if she can speak with me. She asked me and my mother if I could come with them on the next ghost hunting thing. She thought I was a medium or something. She thought I was a conduit to the other world. "I thought about it and ended up doing it. I did it a couple of times and I would just go in these houses and they would send me into the room and say, 'Tim just walk around and if you feel something strange let us know.' "So I'd walk around and say to them, 'This is kind of strange. I think you should come here.' After two times I said to my mother I didn't want to do it anymore."