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Time Again
The Stories Are True
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Time Again The Stories Are True Album

Rocketing funk/punk throws together tit-bits of what makes modern punk engaging, with the balls of Pennywise swinging from the hybrid frame of Rancid and NO FX. The frenetic and punchy flash of sordid life, rushes by in 'Junkies' and you find yourself being toed along by this Daniel Dart fired, Los Angeles quartet. The ballsy 'Broken Bodies' displays true urban grit and is their most out and out punk offering. The services of Rancid front man Tim Armstrong, are utilised in the ranging, life bashing title track. His vocals fly around with Dart's to deliver the snappy lyrics adroitly to their target;

"Criminals, cocaine so which one's the better? Come on now open your suicide letter?
Lying on the floor, you're thinking your dead,
but you wanna live life and do it instead, you gotta understand how to be true.
It's out with the old and in with the new."

One thing strikes you in the hardcore skirting, 'Fallen Nation' and it is that this band would be some spectacle to witness in a live setting. Their brazenly frenetic nature gushes out angst driven feeling and power and there is no false force behind it, either. The rampaging percussion of Ryan Purucker stridently fuels numbers like 'Kenny' and the fugitive firecracker of 'Life On The Run'. Time Again, are thrusting forceful integrity back into a waning punk genre and their gusto is much needed in this modern age.

David Adair

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