Superproducer Timbaland has put an end to his feud with Scott Storch after hearing of the beatmaker's rumoured financial woes. The pair has been locked in a bitter dispute since early 2007, when Timbaland - real name Timothy Mosely - made reference to Storch on the track Give It To Me. He rapped: "I'm a real producer and you just a piano man... I get a half a mil (million) for my beats you get a couple grand..." Storch hit back with the song Built Like That, in which he accused Mosely of taking credit for beats crafted by others. But Mosely insists he has now put the rivalry behind him after calling Storch to personally apologise for his insults and to extend an offer of help. He says, "I reached out to Scott just a couple days ago. 'Cause all this stuff I been hearing in the press about him, I just called him and said, 'Look man, we been friends for so long and I'm here for you. All that stuff that I've done, I'm sorry. I just know that you need a friend. And I just wanna be there for you 'cause I know people turn their backs on you." And Mosely admits his sudden turnaround shocked an emotional Storch: "I reached out to him and went over to his house and he was almost in tears 'cause he thought I would be the last person that would call him. When he went against me he said that that shut a lot of doors for him." Storch has been plagued by recent reports claiming he is in financial difficulty after it was revealed he is in arrears on more than $400,000 (GBP200,000)-worth of tax payments for his Miami, Florida, mansion. He is also being sued by his ex-girlfriend for late child support payments after reneging on monthly cheques of $7,500 (GBP3,750) to help care for his 21-month-old son Jalen, from his on/off relationship with Dalene Daniel.