Tim Roth's dream of working with movie mogul Francis Ford Coppola turned into a nightmare when the director made the Brit wade into the freezing waters of the Black Sea - in his pyjamas. The Reservoir Dogs star and his onscreen Youth Without Youth lover Alexandra Maria Lara were shooting wintry scenes in Bulgaria when Coppola suddenly decided it was time to get wet. Roth shivers as he recalls, "It was the Black Sea in Bulgaria and it was so cold that it literally sucked the breath out of your body. "It was a horrible day and the scene was not supposed to be shot in the water; it was supposed to be shot in the bedroom at the hotel. "We came down in the morning to have coffee and Francis said, 'How about if we shoot it here instead?' And that's where we ended up in the water. "I was holding onto the rocks for dear life - in just pyjamas. It was a very, very low budget so they had a tent that they built with a heater that we could huddle in and then we had to go out and do it again. "The worse thing was that we had to keep doing it."