A RUSSELL CROWE lookalike shocked onlookers by letting a pram, supposedly containing the GLADIATOR star's baby son CHARLES, hurtle down a steep hill towards a Sydney, Australia beach.

The culprit was Antipodean radio presenter Tim Ross, who soon had beach bums clamouring for autographs and photos with the OSCAR-winner.

A lifesaver on Bondi Beach was initially terrified to see "little Charlie" roll off into the distance after the bogus Crowe stopped to sign an autograph and let go of the pram.

He says, "One wheel was heading down this two metre-drop when he caught it."

Ross's comedy partner Merrick Watts was at the scene, which was being filmed for their new show.

He couldn't hide his amusement at the prank's success, saying, "I'm just there laughing my head off."

11/04/2005 21:39