LATEST: Outspoken movie star Tim Robbins is defending his pal Danny Glover as his lucrative TV commercial deal hangs in the balance.

The LETHAL WEAPON star has upset bosses at telecommunications firm MCI, where he's a TV spokesman, by making anti-PRESIDENT BUSH and pro-Cuba comments in recent interviews and official letters.

And while MCI chiefs decide whether to stand by their star, Robbins has joined those rallying for democracy to shine through.

The actor says, "I think MCI should recognise that this is a big threat to democracy.

"If they cave into that, that's going to be a sad day for the country because it's showing that a very vocal minority can be bullying around major corporations."

Robbins, who has himself been in trouble for recent anti-war comments, joined a rally in support of Glover at New York's City Hall earlier this week (beg12MAY03).

16/05/2003 17:04