Tim Robbins was thrilled with the response of New Yorkers to his anti-war statements - after the Baseball Hall of Fame rejected the outspoken actor as a guest last year (03).

The OSCAR-winning actor, 45, felt compelled to speak out against the Iraq war - even if it cost him and partner Susan Sarandon invitations to a 15th anniversary commemoration of their baseball film Bull Durham.

Robbins says, "I remember thinking when I went to that anti-war rally, ok, the s***'s going to fly.

"But the s***'s going to fly inwards if you don't do it.

"Because you were afraid of what? Being less rich? After the Hall of Fame thing, I was so thankful I lived in New York because you have to walk around.

"And people came up to me and said, 'Thank you.'

"Two people said negative things - they were both white men and both in SUVs, and both shouted out the window and drove away.

"The second time I was able to get one word out and that was, 'Enlist.'"

30/08/2004 17:30