Tim Robbins won't be rushing back to Sweden's famous Ice Bar after he was treated terribly at the drinking establishment during a recent European trip.

The Oscar winner couldn't believe how rude his hosts were when he turned up at the famous Scandinavian landmark, which is entirely made of ice.

The actor was charmed by the idea of donning one of the bar's silver parkas and sitting on blocks of ice while drinking vodka from glasses made from ice, but he didn't count on the chilly reception he and his friends would get.

He explains, "They only allow you to go in for half an hour and we were 15 minutes late for our reservation and there were about 12 of us and they were very angry with us.

"They reluctantly gave us our parkas, we went in and ordered our drinks - I had a vodka and I drank it down and I put it on the bar and I said, 'Can I have another one?' and they said, 'No, you can't have another one, you must leave.'

"So we were leaving, and as we're leaving they said, 'You must pay the bill now.'

"It was actually the perfect bar experience - just to go and have a drink and get kicked out."

25/07/2005 08:59