KEANE star Tim Rice-oxley was left envious of Coldplay's global success - because he almost formed a band with their frontman Chris Martin.

Keyboardist Rice-Oxley nearly joined Coldplay before the idea was ultimately binned. He then watched as Martin's band shot to the top of the charts around the world.

But the release of Keane's debut album HOPES AND FEARS last year (04) has set the London-based trio on a similar course.

Rice-Oxley says, "Chris Martin and I were friends, and we were both in just-starting-up bands. They were toying with the idea of getting a keyboard player and he asked me, but the idea was junked.

"It was a two-edged sword watching Coldplay have all this success. We all felt envious. But it's worked out well for both of us."

15/03/2005 17:22