Tim Mcgraw is taking his record label bosses to court this week (begs28Nov11) in a bid to end his contract with them.
The country star's lawyers and Curb Records executives will be in Nashville's Chancery Court on Wednesday (30Nov11) battling over whether or not MCGraw has sufficiently fulfilled his contract with the label.
The hearing will consist solely of oral arguments and no witnesses will be called.
Curb Records bosses sued MCGraw in May (11) for breach of contract, alleging he recorded and delivered his still-unreleased album, Emotional Traffic, prematurely. The label executives claimed they had the contractual right to decide on the timing of MCGraw's album releases.
Responding to the suit, MCGraw's lawyers said, "The label is holding the album hostage from country music in an attempt to force Tim MCGraw to serve perpetually under a contract that he has already fully and faithfully completed."
The singer then countersued Curb and asked the court to award him punitive damages, an advance payment for his latest recordings and a ruling that he has fulfilled his contract.