Country star Tim Mcgraw is still mystified about his broken foot - he has no idea how he injured it.
The singer has been hobbling around in a cast on tour and he reveals the only reason he hasn't told fans how he broke his foot is because he doesn't know.
And he only got the diagnosis when his wife Faith Hill forced him to see a doctor.
He tells, "I don't know if it happened running or in the part of the show where I jump off speakers. It could've happened any number of ways. It hurt for a while, and I kept running and kept working out and kept doing shows. And for a couple weeks, it just kept getting worse and worse, and it finally got to where I couldn't walk, and it was really swollen.
"It's like a green twig break. It started out as a stress fracture, and I kept pounding it, pounding it and pounding it, and it got worse and worse."
But he's not convinced his injured foot is getting any better: "I think I'm not taking care of it as well as I should."