LATEST: Animal rights group PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS is calling on the AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION to give country star Tim Mcgraw's new film a 'Monitored Unacceptable' after a horse was killed in a chase scene.

PETA insists the producers of the movie MY FRIEND FLICKA did not take the necessary precautions to make sure the California set was a safe environment for the animals used.

The movie rating warns animal lovers that the production team filmed "an at-risk segment unauthorised by American Humane, resulting in injury or death of an animal".

But bosses at 20th Century Fox - the studio behind the film - insist PETA officials are making more from the accident than is warranted.

Fox chief ELIZABETH GABLER says, "They're turning a tragic accident into a circus... This whole situation is being treated with inaccuracy and hysteria."

Meanwhile, an AHA official has revealed another horse on the set had to be put to sleep earlier this month (APR05) after fracturing its leg.

An animal activist who was working as an extra in the film has gone public with his concerns that the set is unsafe and horses were terrified in chase scenes.

The dead horse was kicked to death by another frightened mare during a stunt scene set in a rodeo.

28/04/2005 21:33