Country superstar Tim Mcgraw is continuing to sell bracelets in memory of his late father, baseball hero Tug Mcgraw, after learning that 70,000 have been sold in a year.

McGraw came up with the idea of honouring his dad, who died last January (04), with the bracelets - made from the seams of baseballs - and donating the proceeds to the Tug McGraw Center for Neuro-Oncology Quality of Life at Duke University in Raleigh, North Carolina.

But he had no idea the accessories, which he sold on his website, would become such a big fashion item.

The bracelets are inscribed with the Tug McGraw's uniform number 45, and 'YGB,' the initials for "Ya gotta believe" - the phrase he made popular.

10/01/2005 21:31