Tim Mcgraw quit alcohol when he realised he could no longer hide his boozing from wife Faith Hill - his "slurred" text messages to his partner always revealed his drinking habits.
The country star, who has previously credited his wife with saving him from his party animal ways, admits he used to go out and get drunk behind Hill's back, but she always found out when he phoned home while intoxicated.
He took to sending texts instead to cover up his drunkenness, but decided to quit booze when he discovered he couldn't even compose a short message properly.
MCGraw tells On the Red Carpet, "I only learned how to text because back when I was drinking, I would get in trouble when I would call my wife and she would find out I was drinking. And then I started slurring my texts and I figured hell, I gotta quit drinking. Thank God nobody knew anything about (internet phone service) Skype back then - I would've never stayed out of trouble!"