Country star Tim Mcgraw has kicked off the second leg of his tour with his essential entourage in tow - his wife Faith Hill and their three daughters.

The latest installment of McGraw's ONE BAND SHOW tour got underway on Tuesday (22APR03), in New Orleans, Louisiana, and he's decided to make it a family affair.

He says, "Faith takes care of me. When I get up in the morning, she cooks steak and eggs on the bus. She makes sure I get plenty of rest, and when people start making me talk too much, she gets on them. She's great. Plus, after the show, I've got her there."

He adds, "The kids are getting older - there's never any quality, you don't try to balance our family life with work, our family life always comes first.

"If work is not taking up the time, family is. Family is the most important and wherever... we fill the cracks of family with work."

25/04/2003 08:52