Country star Tim Mcgraw is donating $43,000 (GBP26,875) to an array of AMERICAN RED CROSS centres from the proceeds of his ONE BAND SHOW tour with the DANCE HALL DOCTORS.

The cash, raised locally through ticket sales and select merchandise, will be handed to Red Cross chapters in the cities where the tour stopped between March and June (03).

The beneficiary chapters will use the donation for promote aware awareness, emergency preparedness and disaster relief in their communities.

McGraw says, "We're living in a time where people need to stick together and help one another. The Red Cross provides a critical role in disaster response in this country.

"This donation is one way that we can help ensure that individuals and families get the help they need when disaster strikes. I hope that our fans will also be touched by the good work of the Red Cross and be inspired to support the organization's work in whatever way they can."

26/09/2003 09:06