Country star Tim Mcgraw's new movie has been investigated by ANIMAL SERVICES officials, after a horse died during a cruel chase stunt.

Filming on the remake of 1943 family film MY FRIEND FLICKA was going well, north of Los Angeles, until one "wild horse chase" scene left one animal dead and an animal rights activist furious.

ROLAND VINCENT was so appalled with what he saw when he signed up as an extra on the film, he reported the poor treatment of the movie's horses to the authorities.

He tells US news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, "I witnessed one of the most brutal things I've ever seen in my life, which is a horse being killed in the ring."

Vincent claims the death occurred during a rodeo scene, where four cowboys attempted to mount and ride four horses.

He adds, "The horses were absolutely terrified and were running for their lives. In the process, the horse tripped on its own rope, and fell down and another horse kicked him in the head, and that horse was in a spasm and died a horrible death."

But Animal Services officials in Los Angeles, who launched an investigation into the death, insist it was just an accident. They also insist a HUMANE SOCIETY Officer was on the set at the time and he has confirmed there was no intent to hurt the animal and that nobody on the set was more upset than the horse wrangler who was in charge of the animals.

A spokesman for 20TH CENTURY FOX, who are making the film, confirms McGraw was on set at the time of the accident, adding, "The production has taken every possible precaution and safety measure in shooting scenes where horses are involved."

28/04/2005 09:22