Country star Tim Mcgraw has been hit with a $20 million (GBP10 million) copyright infringement lawsuit over his hit song EVERYWHERE.
James Martinez filed suit against MCGraw - real name Samuel Timothy MCGraw - in August 2007 in a U.S. District Court in Texas.
In the legal papers, Martinez alleges the singer lifted Everywhere from a tape containing his track Anytime, Anywhere Amanda. The audio was originally given to a team of songwriters who have also penned tracks for MCGraw's 1997 album.
Everywhere was written by Mike Reid and Craig Wiseman, who are also among the names listed in the lawsuit.
The legal papers allege: "(The) Defendant(s) internationally released and distributed the Everywhere album containing their infringing copies of a song substantially similar to Plaintiff's song Anytime, Anywhere Amanda."
Martinez is suing for $20 million in damages.
The case only came to light this week (begs04Aug08), when the lawsuit was moved to MCGraw's home town of Nashville, Tennessee.
And MCGraw's attorneys are confident the case will be dismissed altogether, telling that Martinez's accusations are "totally without merit".