Country star Tim Mcgraw is working extremely hard to be a good father to his daughters, following the January (04) death of his own dad.

Tim, who didn't meet his former baseball star dad TUG until he was 12-years-old, nursed his father through the last few months of his life with his wife Faith Hill's help, until he succumbed to brain cancer at the age of 59.

And Tim immediately realised how important it was to be with his and Faith's daughters - GRACIE, seven, MAGGIE, six, and two-year-old AUDREY - after losing his parent.

He says, "Everybody has to deal with stuff in life. I've had great support. My mom, my sisters, my wife, my friends. My battle wasn't nearly as hard as the battle (my dad) was fighting.

"Maggie was in kindergarten. Gracie was in first grade. It was traumatic, man. You resist the urge to drop by the school 20 times a day just to make sure everything's okay.

"I'll be there in the morning to take the girls to school, and then I'll leave around noon on show days."

Music has also been great therapy for the star, who adds, "Music sets me in a world that's comfortable for me to talk to people and sing to them. There's no weight there (on-stage). That's the one time there's no weight at all."

20/08/2004 02:36