Country music legend Tim Mcgraw's career focus changed when he became a dad - because he wanted to create things his children would be proud of.

The 36-year-old has three kids with wife, singer Faith Hill.

He says, "You look back at the high points in your career, after having children, you start judging those high points according to what your children get to see and experience."

One of those high points was the recent Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Norway, hosted by Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, where McGraw joined a host of stars and took his family for a brief Norwegian holiday.

He adds, "To be able to travel like this and the kids to see things like this, it's pretty amazing.

"Coming from a small town in Louisiana, where I grew up, after all the things that I've done in my career to be asked to do something like this is pretty spectacular. The caliber of the artists, and just the event itself, is one of the most amazing things I think there is in the world."

22/12/2003 17:12