LATEST: Officials for animal rights organisation the AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION have ruled the death of a horse on Tim Mcgraw's new film FLICKA was an accident, despite concerns from activists.

Protestors at PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA) demanded AHA officials slap the family film with a harsh 'Monitored Unacceptable' rating after hearing how terrified horses were chased around a makeshift rodeo set in one scene of the film.

The scene ended in tragedy when one horse stumbled and fell and then was kicked in the head until dead by another frightened mare.

But the AHA has stated the deaths weren't the result of "any failure on the part of American Humane's certified animal safety representatives," or the production company's failure to "comply with American Humane's `Guidelines for the Safe Use of Animals in Filmed Media.'"

However, officials at the AHA have revealed the accident, which followed another at the start of shooting, where a horse had to be put to sleep after breaking its leg, has prompted them to review "stricter protocols for horse action."

As a result of the accidents and the AHA investigation, the film, a remake of RODDY McDOWELL movie MY FRIEND FLICKA, will be released without the traditional 'No animals were harmed...' credits disclaimer.

04/05/2005 21:16