The first night of country couple Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill's historic 2006 Soul2Soul tour started off on the wrong note when giraffes and zebras started making out beneath them. The pair didn't have time to vet all the video images that were to be used for the live show and they left creative crewmembers to come up with something suitable for their opening song, IT'S YOUR LOVE. MCGraw recalls, "We're on stage... and we start singing and these sperm show up on the floor and they're swimming all round... and I look over at my wife and she looks at me like she's gonna kill me. "All I could do in the middle of singing was try to express to her in some way that... I didn't do it. "After I try to get that across... I look down and there's two giraffes going at it and then there's two zebras going at it. "I did see a couple of parents with their hands over their kids' faces." MCGraw blames his drummer for the accidental, on-purpose slip-up that almost ruined the first night of the tour.