Tim Burton was ''woefully miss-cast'' on 'Fox and Hound'.

The 54-year-old director - who is now known for his quirky, comedy horror movies - was originally brought in at Disney to work on the family animation film in 1981, but 'The Lion King' producer Don Hahn believes the studio ''didn't know what to do'' with the helmer and weren't using his great talents as effectively as they could have been.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''I think Tim was woefully miss-cast on 'Fox and Hound'. But it was hard for the studio, the studio didn't known what to do with Tim.''

While working on 'Fox and Hound' Tim started to create his own side projects, which led to short films such as 'Vincent' in 1982 and 'Frankenweenie' in 1984, and Don admits it is ''amazing'' the director has now come ''full circle'' after creating a full-length version of the comedy horror motion picture.

Speaking at a press conference for 'Frankenweenie' - which opened the London Film Festival on Wednesday (10.10.12) - Don added: ''He ended up making a short called 'Frankenweenie' and one called 'Vincent' and it's amazing that he's come full circle now.''

Shortly after Tim's 'Frankenweenie' short was released he and Disney parted company before reuniting on a number of projects including 1993's stop motion musical fantasy 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' - which he wrote and produced - and 2010's 'Alice in Wonderland', which were both distributed by the studio.