Tim Burton can't understand why people label his movies ''dark''.

The 'Frankenweenie' director - who is well known for his quirky, horror comedy films such as 'Dark Shadows', while he has previously helmed gothic horrors such as 1999's 'Sleepy Hollow' - insists he is not ''obsessed'' with the genre and sees his projects in a different light to others.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''I don't find 'Frankenweenie' dark. It's so funny, from the beginning all my films have been labelled dark but I haven't ever seen them in that way. I see things differently. I'm not obsessed with horror.''

Tim - who has been in a relationship with Helena Bonham Carter, who has starred in several of his motion pictures, since 2001 - always dreamed of being a ''mad scientist'' when he was a youngster and believes the art of creation that comes with such a job is partly why he ended up becoming a filmmaker.

Speaking at a 'Frankenweenie' press conference in London today (10.10.12) as part of the opening of the 56th BFI London Film Festival, he added: ''When I was a kid I always wanted to be a mad scientist. A regular scientist was no fun.

''It's not so much about me wanting to bring things back to life. I find that quite creepy actually. It's more about creation, doing things and making things. That's what filmmaking is and that's what stop-motion is. That's why this is so special.''

'Frankenweenie' tells the story of a young boy called Victor who, after unexpectedly losing his dog Sparky, sets about trying to bring his pooch back to life with a scientific experiment that leads to monstrous consequences.

It is released in the UK on October 17.