Director Tim Burton was so sick of his partner Helena Bonham Carter staying in character as Dame Elizabeth Taylor at home, he adopted the voice of Richard Burton as revenge.

The Harry Potter star plays the Hollywood legend in a new British Tv movie, Burton and Taylor, featuring Dominic West as her famously fiery husband.

Bonham Carter became so engrossed with her portrayal of the Cleopatra star, she struggled to let go after leaving the set - much to the chagrin of her own Burton at home.

She says, "(Taylor) stuck, she's very contagious, she's like a disease. (So) I'd be sounding like this drawl all the time and squeaky. But then Tim Burton, the other Burton that I live with, he worked out his revenge was to become Richard Burton himself.

"So there were two Richard Burtons, it was very confusing. And then I'd get this strange Richard Burton at home, who didn't say very much. He'd say a word every minute - it was very funny."

Burton and Taylor will air in the U.K. on Monday (22Jul13) and in the U.S. in the autumn.