Tim Burton's ex-fiancee Lisa Marie claims the maverick director owes her $5.4 million (GBP3 million) as part of a lucrative settlement he promised her.

The actress got engaged to Burton in 1992 but split with her on the set of 2001 movie Planet Of The Apes when he started dating her co-star Helena Bonham CARTER.

Marie - who featured in a series of Burton's movies including Ed Wood and SLEEPY HOLLOW - insists the film-maker agreed to give her a multi-million dollar settlement.

But she has filed a claim in New York saying he has failed to pay her an outstanding sum of $5.4 million.

Her lawyer says, "Burton took those who were closest around her, at a time when she was emotionally destroyed by him, and felt she had no rights."

31/05/2004 02:36