Hallowe'en is nothing special in the Tim Burton and Helen Bonham Carter household - they celebrate the spooky holiday every day of the year.

The director is obsessed with all things macabre and gothic and adds a scary spin to all the decor in his half of the London house he shares with Bonham Carter and their two year old son BILLY.

Bonham Carter explains, "We do Hallowe'en in a big way. It's perpetually Hallowe'en for Tim. He wears his skeleton-costume pyjamas every day. And Tim's Christmas tree is different. It's got scalpals and weird eyes and things. From afar it looks really pretty and twinkly and then you get close and you see the fuller picture."

The movie couple live in adjoining houses that have been converted, ensuring they keep their independence and can express differing personalities through wildly unique decor.

The actress explains, "Mine's a bit low key and his is - well, he thinks it's James Bond. He's got these strange fibreglass lamps that look like aliens. They're about as tall as me. You enter through the hallway, so you have the option of going right into my elegant alive land. Or left into Tim's."